Feb 10, 2015


Last weekend we met some friends at Beermiscuous for a few good beers. For those who haven't been, Beermiscuous is kind of like a beer tasting room/bar.  When you walk in you are greeted by refrigerators on either side of you, filled with bottles and cans of MANY different kinds of beers.  They are sorted alphabetically by brewery then by beer name.  Beermiscuous prides itself on having a HUGE selection of Chicago-based brewed beer, and they don't disappoint.  You can take these bottles/cans to go, or drink in them at the cozy tables and chairs in the back of the shop.
The Tap List on 1/31/2015
Before you get to the back of the shop though, you arrive at the cash register and beer taps.  There are always 12 beers on tap, the majority of which are from a Chicago brewery.  The best way to taste around is to order a flight (you pay by the 4 oz pour, so flights usually cost about $8-9, depending on which beers you pick).  I like to get a flight, drink each one and then decide if I loved any of them enough to get a full pour of it, or if I want to go back to the coolers and pick a bottle of a different beer.  Their beer is priced fairly, especially if you are buying it to go.

On this particular evening I got a flight from taps 4, 5, 7 and 12.  I started drinking left to right from my flight.

First up was Van de Velde Belgo-Pale Ale by Ale Syndicate.  This is a local brewery, and I've had some of the beers before.  I thought this was a standard pale ale but enjoyed it overall.  Next I had Half Acre Senita, an American IPA with a bit of a bite to it.  My third beer was Lilith from Goose Island; this was billed as a "pomegranate Berlinerweisse"...it was very fruity and my least favorite beer in the flight.  My last beer was Acclamation by Pollyanna: a "Belgian strong ale with apricot".  It wasn't as fruity as the Lilith but still had a very interesting taste.  All 4 of my beers ended up being from the Chicago area!

I didn't love any of the beers in my flight ENOUGH to order a full sized pour, so I went back to the coolers and got an Apex Predator by Off Color (also from Chicago).  This is probably one of my favorite beers right now, so it did not disappoint.

Beermiscuous does not serve food (and has no plans to), but they do provide menus from many restaurants in the area so that you can order food to the bar or go pick it up (we made one of our friends pick up our Mexican food from the down street).  They also have Food and Flight Nights, where you can order food at the bar from a food truck parked out front and one of the bartenders will bring it to you while you're enjoying your beer.

There are a few televisions and some board games, but I'd say overall that the atmosphere of Beermiscous is more for just friends chilling out, enjoying some good brews.  I could definitely see myself whiling away a weekend afternoon there and I know I'll back to see what kinds of new beers and breweries appear.

Good for: hanging out with friends, first date

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