WHO WE ARE:  Caitlin and Alyssa have been best friends since the fall of 2007 after a football ticket debacle.  We lived down the hall from each in the same dorm until senior year when we were finally roommates.  We lived together again with two of their other friends for a short while after college.
We didn't even go to Indiana, but we still enjoy tailgating with frat bros

WHY A BLOG: We really enjoy drinking a good beer, cocktail, glass of wine, hard cider, etc...and we also love sharing and talking about our favorite things.  We had the chance to do this weekly while in college on our radio show, The Puzzle House, and have since missed sharing our wealth of knowledge with the rest of the world (e.g. the few people that listened to our show and the hopefully more of you that are reading this blog).  Going out for drinks is a mainstay in a 20-something's life, so why not know what's the best thing to order, or where's the best place to meet your potentially homicidal Tinder date?
Alyssa (L), Caitlin (R): we always pose in this order...
CAITLIN: Hypochondriac, only child, blonde, former/semi-vegetarian, long of torso, short of leg. Baby hands and feet. Some might think that her small proportions are what help her blend in with preteens, but it is really her love of YA books, ABCFamily television series and her obsessive use of sunscreen. She loves sequins, primary colors, earrings, puzzles, crying in public, delicate male arms, not bowling, and cheese. She has a refined palette when it comes to beer, wine and whiskey and never says no to a fight.  Did we mention she loves cheese?

ALYSSA: There are many words that can be used to describe Alyssa; tan is not one of them. As a child, her parents were afraid to let her play in the snow, fearing she would blend in with the white and be lost forever. Luckily, Alyssa was strong and was able to overcome this adversity. Today she is perhaps most well known for being Katy Perry’s number #1 fan and for being everyone's favorite barre-ista. Alyssa enjoys being on the pigs back, singing along to the Dixie Chicks, and telling people they look good. She spends most of her free time being taller than all her friends, watching everything on television and trying to keep it tight.  Her favorite kind of alcohol is beer (although she is not its favorite since she is supposed to stay away from gluten...) and she loves a Tanqueray and tonic before dinner (when her parents are paying).

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